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Bora Nikolic

Bora brings a unique blend of expertise to the table as an executive, design leader, and strategist known for creating innovative brands and digital experiences. Leveraging his design and software engineering background, he has made a strategic impact across sports, media, entertainment, finance, and technology sectors. His leadership and vision have guided numerous top-tier organizations* such as FIFA, Activision Blizzard, FOX Entertainment, Credit Suisse, and Verizon on their digital transformation journeys.

Before his entrepreneurial ventures, Bora honed his skills as a Senior Software Developer at Thompson Media Group and Bell Media. His commitment and expertise eventually led him to join the Digital Product Design and Innovation team at Bell Media, Canada's leading content creation company with premier television, radio, out-of-home advertising, and digital media assets. He led initiatives alongside a talented group of strategists, designers, product managers, and developers there, contributing to the success of over 200 websites and native applications, including CTV, The Globe & Mail, Discovery Channel, Report On Business Television, TSN, and MTV.

In 2008, Bora co-founded Omnigon, an organization of digital strategists, product designers, and technologists dedicated to maximizing client revenue streams through strategic, creative, and technical investments. Omnigon, which at its height consisted of over 350 talented individuals, was acquired by Infront Sports & Media in 2016, further solidifying its status as a market leader under Bora's stewardship. In 2019, Omnigon underwent a rebranding as iX.co/Infront X under the parent firm Infront. Bora remained with the organization as the Chief Design Officer and board member. Infront, a sports marketing company based in Switzerland, oversees media and marketing rights for international sports events and federations while delivering comprehensive sports services such as advertising, sponsorship, and hospitality.

In addition to Omnigon, Bora co-founded Numatic Ventures, a unique combination of venture studio and professional services company. Numatic works alongside well-funded, early-stage startups, turning ambitious ideas into reality through deep-rooted expertise in strategy, brand, and technology.

Bora's entrepreneurial pursuits further evolved with the co-founding of Next League in 2021, where he currently holds the position of Chief Design Officer. Next League propels sports organizations into the digital future by offering consultancy and technology services for digital growth. It expertly balances current trends and foundational technology with the practical realities of today's sports industry, assisting partners in tailoring their digital growth strategies and maximizing revenue. In January of 2023, Next League further expanded its portfolio by acquiring Infront X’s professional services and digital product business from Infront.

Bora's contributions have earned him numerous accolades from esteemed institutions such as The Emmy Awards, Webbys, Hermes, Shortys, Cynopsis, Sports Technology Awards, Apple Design Awards, Leaders in Sport, and the Interactive Media Awards.

Beyond his professional achievements, Bora also volunteers on the User Experience and Strategy advisory board for the Advertising Council of America.

Marked by innovation, dedication, and a constant quest for new ideas and opportunities, Bora's career is a testament to his commitment to digital excellence.


* Brands include Verizon, Google, Microsoft, Thompson Reuters, Bell Media, Credit Suisse, Procter & Gamble, FIFA, Madison Squaqre Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Chelsea Football Club, Bayern Munich, PGA TOUR, NFL, Activision Blizzard, USGA, United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, PGA, FOX Sports, Google, UFC, Time Warner, HBO, Sony Music, Alliance Atlantis, Lions Gate Entertainment, and Universal Records, among many others.

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