Make Something Wonderful

June 27, 2023
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This passage by Steve Jobs, who I've always admired for his vision and tenacity, really resonates with me. There's something so beautifully written about his perspective on creation—it's poetic and deep, yet so simple and human.

Whenever I read this, I feel an unusual stirring in my heart. It's a mix of nostalgia, inspiration, and a slight sense of melancholy. There's a raw vulnerability in his words that's almost startling. His concept of creation, not just as an act of intelligence or labor but as a profound expression of gratitude, makes me reflect on my own acts of creation. The little things I do, the works I put out into the world, are they my own ways of saying 'thank you' to humanity?

Jobs' belief that we put something of ourselves into our work, a piece of our heart, our truth, hits home for me. We pour in hours, losing ourselves in the process, wrestling with ideas, and refining until ‘it feels just right’. It's not about the applause or the accolades; it's something more profound—it's about creating something that others can connect with, something that says, "Hey, I see you. I understand. This is for you."

And this connection—it's special. It's not the kind we usually think about, the meet and greets, the handshakes, the small talk. It's a silent, powerful bond, a connection that whispers of shared experiences and universal truths. This bond, this shared understanding, reminds us we're part of something greater, something wonderfully complex and inherently human.

So, Jobs' words make me pause and ask myself: am I staying true to who I am? Am I remembering what's really important to me? It's an inner conversation I often revisit, a gentle nudge not to lose sight of my deepest values and express my gratitude to the world through creating.

It's a beautiful thought, isn't it? That each of us has the ability to give something back, to add a piece of ourselves to the arc of human existence.

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