Unavoidable Practices for Entrepreneurs

April 13, 2020
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If you're an entrepreneur or even fancy yourself as one, buckle up. It's time for a reality check. It's time to cut through the noise and talk about what really matters. Five things. Five things every entrepreneur worth their salt should be doing.

No, this isn't about 'finding your passion' or 'embracing failure.' That's for the motivational types. Let's get real.

Networking: The Algebra of Success

The math here is simple. Your network equals your net worth. Sounds harsh? Let's get harsher. If you're not networking, you're not working. This isn't about schmoozing at cocktail parties. It's about building relationships that bring value, that open doors, that create opportunities. It's the algebra of success. Your network can be your most valuable asset, or your most glaring liability. Which one is it for you?

Testing Ideas: The Survival of the Fittest

Your idea is your baby. I get it. But here's the thing: not all babies are cute. Some ideas are downright ugly. The only way to find out? Test them. Test them ruthlessly. Get them out there in the harsh light of the market. The survival of the fittest isn't just for the Galapagos Islands; it's for the marketplace too. If your idea can't survive criticism, it won't survive competition. Are you ready to test your ideas?

Learning New Skills: The Darwinism of the Business World

Learning doesn't end with a diploma. Not in today's world. Not in the business world. Today, learning is like breathing. You stop, you die. You need to be a Swiss Army knife of skills. Can you code? Can you design? Can you sell? Can you lead? The more you can do, the more you can achieve. It's the Darwinism of the business world. Adapt or die. What new skill are you learning today?

Researching Markets: The Crystal Ball of Business

Want a crystal ball for your business? It's called market research. It's about knowing your customer better than they know themselves. It's about spotting trends before they become trendy. It's about finding gaps in the market and filling them. It's not sexy. It's not glamorous. But it's essential. It's the difference between driving blind and driving with a GPS. Are you researching your market?

Marketing: The Brand Called You

Let's get one thing straight. As an entrepreneur, you're not just selling a product or a service. You're selling yourself. Your vision. Your values. Your story. You're not just a CEO. You're a CMO - of the brand called You. Are you compelling? Are you trustworthy? Are you memorable? If not, you're forgettable. And in business, being forgettable is fatal. Are you marketing the brand called You?

There you have it. The five things every entrepreneur should be doing. It's not rocket science. It's just good, old-fashioned, roll-up-your-sleeves, get-your-hands-dirty business. It's about doing the work - the networking, the testing, the learning, the researching, the marketing. It's about doing what it takes.

Are you doing what it takes? Because if you're not, rest assured, your competition is.

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